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International Journal of History

2022, Vol. 4, Issue 2, Part C

Unsung heroes of Telangana armed struggle: A study

Author(s): Areganti Nagaraju

Abstract: Telangana, the youngest and newest state in India born in 2014 as the 29th state in India, we are very proud to say that the biggest of the achievements post-independence was the achievement of Telangana Statehood itself with. For the sake of the Telangana Statehood, there were two separate agitations in two different eras led by the people for the sake of separate statehood for Telangana. These movements were to create an identity for its people and region they belong to so that their problems can be genuinely cared for by the leadership and their representatives. Telangana's backwardness and its people's solemn niceness have been taken advantage for over six decades by Andhra politicians and capitalist exploiters. Of these two eras, one era was around 1969 when they started the fire and raised the curtain on many issues and regional disparities its people were struggling.

Pages: 177-180 | Views: 146 | Downloads: 53

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Areganti Nagaraju. Unsung heroes of Telangana armed struggle: A study. Int J Hist 2022;4(2):177-180.
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