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International Journal of History

2022, Vol. 4, Issue 2, Part B

Women Influence in Indian Epics

Author(s): Dr. Arvind Kumar Gaur

Indian epics have had various retellings and versions told over the decades. Today, the average reader knows of Rama’s obedience, love and righteousness, as well as Arjuna’s skill and valour. We know all about Ravana’s tyranny and no one forgets Duryodhana’s unjustness, not to mention the likes of Indrajit and Kumbhakarna or Dushasana and Shakuni.
But in the midst of all the splendour and grandeur of these epics, we forget the most essential characters without whom neither the Ramayana nor the Mahabharata might have existed. Without Sita, we never would have gotten to see Rama’s sacrifice, love or valour. Sans Draupadi, the Kurukshetra War may have never happened, nor would Duryodhana’s anger or Karna’s hatred been further provoked.
In the many intricate folds of both these ancient itihasas, we never get to see the feminist icons and role models young people of today look for, or the power of royal women in their full glory, from Satyavati to Kaikeyi.

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Dr. Arvind Kumar Gaur. Women Influence in Indian Epics. Int J Hist 2022;4(2):106-110.
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