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International Journal of History

2021, Vol. 3, Issue 2, Part A

The third world created Europe

Author(s): MA Diman I Ameen

Abstract: The concept of Third World introduces some nations such as, Asia, Africa and Latin America. The third world was known as underdeveloped countries. This essay debates on two different views. The First view consists of people who believe that the Third World created Europe, like ‘Europe is literally the creation of the Third World’. On the other hand, some scholars disagree with the first view and believe that Europe created Third World, like the Third World was shaped by the global extension of capitalism from Europe during 15th to 19th century. Therefore, Europe has stuffed itself with the gold and raw materials from the third world countries such as China, Latin America and Asia by colonizing these countries. This led to the colonization of these countries by European nation to gain benefits from the resources and raw materials that are available in abundance in Asia and Africa. This essay will examine the two different views of the debate, and will argue that the third world was created by Europe. Therefore, Europe had a significant influence on undeveloped countries from Asia, Africa and Latin America.

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MA Diman I Ameen. The third world created Europe. Int J Hist 2021;3(2):13-16.
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