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International Journal of History

2021, Vol. 3, Issue 2, Part A

Through the lens of colonial painters: A unique look at Indian and Australian aboriginal women

Author(s): Fiona Cyril Creado

Abstract: Women, their image and their lifestyle has been the subject of interest among artists throughout the ages. This paper discusses the perception and portrayal of Indian and Australian aboriginal women in paintings by colonial painters. The study has found that there is a significant difference in how Indian and Australian aboriginal women have been portrayed and perceived. The Indian women have mostly been portrayed in a positive light, whereas aboriginal women were placed as an object derogation and exploitation. Even though the British colonisation exploited the Indian and Australian people, yet they have shown significant fascination towards their women. However, their perception varied by a great extent, which is quite clearly exhibited in the paintings by colonial painters. On one hand, the colonial Indian women were seen mastering a musical instrument, on the other hand the aboriginal women were shown devoid of clothes. Despite of the different perception and portrayal of women in colonial paintings, women in both nations can be clearly seen to be bound within the patriarchal chains. Women were mostly seen as a means of recreation and entertainment for the male population in both colonial India and Australia, but the Indian women were shown in a more respectable light compared to that of Australia.

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Fiona Cyril Creado. Through the lens of colonial painters: A unique look at Indian and Australian aboriginal women. Int J Hist 2021;3(2):39-43.
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