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International Journal of History

2020, Vol. 2, Issue 2, Part D

Indian security and central Asian republics (CARs)

Author(s): Amit Pal and Dr. Amita Sonker

Abstract: India and Central Asia connected to each other from ancient time and always affected by the Central Asian invaders such as Saka, Kushans, Hunas, Turks, Mongols, and Mughals. Indian sub-continent always has security issues from this region. Today situation not so change from its past and still, India have a security concern from Central Asian region. Both regions have some common threats - such as terrorism, religious radicalism, drug trafficking, weapons proliferation etc and these threats direct connected to Indian security. Thus Central Asia is of vital importance to India not just in terms of energy security but also for reasons of national security. The significance of this region for India’s security is immense. The scholar wants to study the existing security environment in the CARs and evaluate the strategic importance of the region for Indian national security.

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Amit Pal, Dr. Amita Sonker. Indian security and central Asian republics (CARs). Int J Hist 2020;2(2):205-207.
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