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International Journal of History

2020, Vol. 2, Issue 1, Part B

The philosophy of Gandhiji in Indian national movement

Author(s): Dr. Vishal Kumar Sharma

Abstract: Gandhi was a great supporter of Truth and Non-violence. He had a great importance to the concept of Truth and Non-Violence. Truth or Satya, Ahimsa or Non-Violence are foundation of Gandhi’s philosophy. The word ‘Non-violence’ is a translation of the Sanskrit term ‘Ahimsa’. He stated that in its positive form, ‘Ahimsa’ means ‘the largest love, the greatest charity’. Moreover he stated that Ahimsa binds us to one another and also to God. So it is a unifying agent. Gandhi wrote, ‘Ahimsa and Love are one and the same thing’. According to Gandhi the word ‘Satya’ comes from the word ‘Sat’ which means ‘to exist’. So by the term ‘Satya’ Gandhi also means that which is not only existent but also true. Gandhi said that Truth and Non-Violence are the two sides of a same coin, or rather a smooth unstamped metallic disc. Who can say, which is the obverse, and which the reverse? Ahimsa is the means; Truth is the end. I will discuss the Gandhian concept of Truth and Non-Violence elaborately in this paper.

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Dr. Vishal Kumar Sharma. The philosophy of Gandhiji in Indian national movement. Int J Hist 2020;2(1):37-42.
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