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International Journal of History

2019, Vol. 1, Issue 1, Part A

Role of Chaitanya towards a casteless society in Orissa

Author(s): Dr. Arati Kumari Panda

Abstract: Chaitanya was great religious and Social Reformer in the 15th Century in India. He popularized the Bhakti Movement in India. He denounced caste system. Due to him Orissa got saved from the onslaught of Islamic rule. He accepted devotees from all strata of the Society. He introduced Kirtan or Mass Chanting in Hindu religion. This system minimized caste conflict in Orissa, as it exists in North and South India. Chaitanya movement had it’s impact on Indian Society. It breakdown orthodox Brahmanic domination over the society and proclaimed the dignity of everyman. His teachings influenced the Pancha Sakha of Orissa who revolted against caste system in Orissa. The popularization of the Oriya Bhagabat which was written by Jagannath Das is another contribution of this movement. Bhagabat Ghar played an important role in spread of education in Medieval Orissa.

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Dr. Arati Kumari Panda. Role of Chaitanya towards a casteless society in Orissa. Int J Hist 2019;1(1):35-38.
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