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International Journal of History

2023, Vol. 5, Issue 1, Part B

Evolution of education in British colonial era

Author(s): Priyanka Dixit

Pathshalas, Tols, Madarasas, and Maktabs were only few of the many institutions of higher learning that existed in India before the British arrived. The economic, political, and educational systems were all affected by the British, who initially came as traders but eventually became rulers and administrators. However, expanding their trade with India was the primary motivation for their trip. Nevertheless, they shifted focus to focus on India's deteriorating political climate. Their dominance over India eventually became virtually absolute. However, managing India was difficult without radically altering the country's cultural norms and educational structure. The reform of the educational system was the first priority. The British used the Macaulay (1835)-inspired educational system they imposed to India as a tool of colonisation. The Indian people's faith in their own culture was destroyed, and their fundamental philosophy was altered in a way that went against their natural inclinations and worldview. The condition of women and the tribal population in India could have been much improved if education had been prioritised. Superstition would have been eradicated, productivity would have increased, and women's lives would have been liberated. However, the British utilised education as a tool of colonisation, turning India's educated elite into bureaucrats.

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Priyanka Dixit. Evolution of education in British colonial era. Int J Hist 2023;5(1):100-105.
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