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International Journal of History

2023, Vol. 5, Issue 1, Part A

Evolution and implication of forest rights in India

Author(s): Dr. Shadab Farha and Bharat Krishna Chikankar

Abstract: A variety of policies and projects have been developed and put into effect in India for the development of forest and biodiversity conservation, afforestation, and reforestation. The nation has the objective is to cover one-third of the area with trees and forests. The livelihood of rural and indigenous inhabitants as well as the preservation of biodiversity depend on India's forest ecosystems. This article examines the history, evolution, and ramifications of India's legislation pertaining to forest rights. It makes the case that the law governing forest rights has to be expanded in order to aid in tribal development. Locals now have more access to and control over forest resources because to a number of government, NGOs, and civil society initiatives. As a result, there has been some progress in forest management and preservation, as well as less stress on the environment. Degraded woods have been substantially restored, and new forests have been planted. Locals have started supporting forest conservation in areas where benefit-sharing programmes have allowed them to make money.

Pages: 51-53 | Views: 146 | Downloads: 46

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Dr. Shadab Farha, Bharat Krishna Chikankar. Evolution and implication of forest rights in India. Int J Hist 2023;5(1):51-53.
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