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International Journal of History

2022, Vol. 4, Issue 1, Part B

Formation of a community: Production and circulation

Author(s): Shivam Sharma

Abstract: How is a community formed? What are the elements that formulates a community? Considering a larger model of community i.e. nation, this paper aims to address these questions and comprehend the factors that go into the making of a community. The aim of this paper is to understand the production of idea of a community and comprehend the ways in which this idea is circulated in the society to create an identity for the community. Scrutinizing some of the most significant works on the formation of nation, the paper endeavours to outline the contours of the framework of community and construe how these contours are produced to carve an identity for the community. Through the study of this framework, the author aims to highlight the limitations of the model offered by scholars pertaining to the formation of the community and develop a set of questions which would enhance the understanding of the model of community formation.

DOI: 10.22271/27069109.2022.v4.i1b.143

Pages: 92-96 | Views: 116 | Downloads: 44

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Shivam Sharma. Formation of a community: Production and circulation. Int J Hist 2022;4(1):92-96. DOI: 10.22271/27069109.2022.v4.i1b.143
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