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International Journal of History

2020, Vol. 2, Issue 2, Part D

India and central Asian republics: Energy security prospective (1991-2011)

Author(s): Amit Pal and Dr. Amita Sonker

Abstract: India has ancient civilizational, trade and cultural links with the landlocked Central Asian region but no direct lines of communication because of Pakistan’s traditional antagonism and Afghanistan’s internal geopolitical instability. However, the energy rich Central Asian Republics (CARs) could secure an assured and uninterrupted supply of energy which is critical for India’s fast growing economic growth and energy security. India currently sources almost three-forth of its oil and gas consumption from abroad, much of it from the Middle East region. Thus energy security has become a central component of Indian national security and foreign policy. India being a ‘Civilisational Power’ is trying to bridge itself with Central Asia through ‘Geo-Historic-Strategic’ linkages. Various pipeline projects and transportation links are in progress, in particular the Turkmenistan–Afghanistan–Pakistan–India (TAPI) and the Iran–Pakistan–India (IPI) gas pipelines and International North–South Transportation Corridor (INSTC) project. In addition, India also trying to regain same special status in the legendary Silk Route which concurrently being pursued by China, the European Union and Russia. The present work is such an attempt to portray the closer connection that exists between geopolitics of Central Asia energy resources and India’s energy security.

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Amit Pal, Dr. Amita Sonker. India and central Asian republics: Energy security prospective (1991-2011). Int J Hist 2020;2(2):208-210.
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