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International Journal of History

2020, Vol. 2, Issue 2, Part D

The mandate in the first general election of India

Author(s): Nirmal Kumar

Abstract: The First General Election was conducted in the backdrop of independence and partition, when the atmosphere was charged with exuberance of freedom on the one hand and communal clashes and violence due to partition on the other. Amidst this our nation was to realize the dreams of our freedom fighters to make India a democracy through electoral process based on universal adult franchise. This election resembled like a war between the ideas of secularism proposed by the flag-bearers of the freedom struggle such as the Congress Party, the Communist Party, the Socialist Party etc. and communalism to make India a Hindu nation by right wing parties such as the Hindu Mahasabha, Ram Rajya Parishad and others. Therefore, it becomes highly interesting to explore the mandate in the First General Election that established India as a secular democracy.

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Nirmal Kumar. The mandate in the first general election of India. Int J Hist 2020;2(2):197-200.
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