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International Journal of History

2019, Vol. 1, Issue 1, Part A

Religious conditions during the kakatiya feudators

Author(s): Kore Koteswara Rao

Abstract: The Kakatiyas ruled over a vast area, comprising of a major part of the present Andhra Pradesh except the three extreme northern circar districts and also some places in the present Karnataka and Tamil Nadu districts. It embraces the area from Draksharamam to Pitapuram in the north and Kanchi in the south. It also included Bidar and Raichur districts and some places in the present Kolar district in Karnataka. The subordinates rulers under the Kakatiyas the Recherla, Malyala, Viriyala, Natavadi, Cheruku and Velamas were the subordinates of the Kakatiyas in the central zone. The second peripheral zone was shared by Induluri chiefs and the Chalukyas of Nidadavole, while the entire third peripheral zone an some part of twilight zone were under the sway of Gona chiefs and the Kota chiefs. During the period Saivism was a dominant religion which greatly influenced the life of the people. Vaisnavism was next to it. To a limited extent Jainism and Buddhism also floudrished. Saivism with its different schools was at its zenith during the Kakatiya period. Kakatiya rulers builst many temples to lord Siva and the Kakatiya feudatories followed dthe footsteps of their over lords.

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Kore Koteswara Rao. Religious conditions during the kakatiya feudators. Int J Hist 2019;1(1):01-03.
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